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Delta Force Paintball Stockholm

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

A long forgotten stash of gold bullion has been discovered in an abandoned village in the old West. Word has spread of the hidden fortune and scores of miners are heading to the Wild West Village with the intention to claim the gold as their own. Tensions are rising and confrontations between the frustrated miners are occurring daily in the main streets of the village as the hunt for the Gold intensifies.The local Constabulary have a challenge on their hands as they are tasked with restoring peace to the Wild West Village before things get out of control. Will the miners succeed in their uprising and take over the village, or will the constabulary restore peace to the area?

See our game zones in action below!

  • Gold Rush Features

    • Authentic Saloon Bar
    • Deathly Gallows
    • Imposing Jailhouse
    • Heavily Guarded Bank
  • Delta Force Gold Rush Gallery

  • Gold Rush Tactics

    • Steal gold and get to your hideout to win!
    • Create smokescreens to move around discreetly
    • Utilise town buildings as cover

Delta Force Paintball Stockholm Game Zones

With mind-blowing movie set game zones (including props sourced directly from Hollywood film sets such as the James Bond thriller Casino Royale), state of the art paintball equipment and a five star health and safety record, Delta Force Paintball is Europe's number one choice for paintball sports.

Five star facilities

Delta Force Paintball Stockholm provides all players with state-of-the-art paintball equipment and holds a five star health and safety record. Whether you're organising a stag do or hen party, celebrating a kid’s birthday or simply popping down for a day of adrenaline-fuelled fun, both North and South Stockholm Paintball Centres can cater for any occasion. We'll even provide you with lunch if you let us know in advance!A-list celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, Lewis Hamilton and Elle Macpherson have visited our paintball centres over the years. Why not be the next VIP through our gates?

Contact us 24/7

Ready to start your paintball adventure? Why not call one of our friendly event coordinators on 0844 683 759? We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively you can visit our paintball booking page or request a callback.

Delta Force Paintball is a 5-Star Accredited Member of the EUPBA (the Governing Body of the sport in Europe).