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Delta Force Paintball Stockholm

Viet Cong Village

Viet Cong Village

As you lead your team down the Ho Chi Minh trail, you stumble across what looks like a deserted village deep within the jungle. The villagers have abandoned their homes, and the village is now crawling with hostile Vietcong. There is a minefield surrounding the village which means your team must proceed straight through to seize the village building by building to eliminate the enemy.

See our game zones in action below!

  • Viet Cong Village Features

    • Ho Chi Minh trail
    • Abandoned village huts
    • Sniper towers
    • Dense forest
  • Delta Force Viet Cong Village Gallery

  • Viet Cong Village Tactics

    • Seize and hold all village huts!
    • Attack from all directions
    • Use smoke grenades for cover

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