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Delta Force Paintball Stockholm

Viking Castle

Viking Castle

Over many years, the nobility have ruled their land with an iron fist from the safety of their fortified castle. In their attempt to overthrow the oppressive regime, the outlaw community has joined together to become a force to be reckoned with. Will the King’s army manage to resist the carefully planned attack from the lower classes to take control of the castle?
Tip: If attacking the Castle, make sure you organise your team to surround the castle early on so you can make a coordinated attack. If defending the castle, paint or smoke grenades can really come in handy to confuse and eliminate the enemy as they try to make their approach.

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  • Viking Castle Features

    • Fortified castle gates
    • Two-storey fortress
    • Sniper turrets
    • Strategically placed bunkers
  • Delta Force Viking Castle Gallery

  • Viking Castle Tactics

    • Raise the flag to win!
    • Co-ordinate multiple attacks from all directions
    • Use smokescreens to approach the castle

Delta Force Paintball Stockholm Game Zones

Paintball Stockholm has a vast array of movie-set quality game zones – perfect for you to embrace your inner warrior and prove your sniper skills on the battlefield. Whether you're organising a stag do or hen party, celebrating a kids birthday or simply popping down for a day of adrenaline-fuelled fun, Paintball Stockholm is happy to cater for any occasion. Players need no prior experience – our trained marshals will help guide you through the day and provide you with key tips to help you secure victory!

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